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Listen to music hand-picked by Jada

It is reasonable to say 'Because Someone Forgot to Love You' is like nothing we have ever seen before. The out-of-the-box format alone and adaptable writing makes the poetry book original and inspiring. In that same stride, 'A Because Someone Forgot to Love You Playlist' is a list of songs that Jada found enhances the book experience completely FREE to you today!


Starting somberly with 'Cherry Wine' by Hozier, the playlist (like the poems) explores abuse but quickly finds hope from 'Forgive Myself' to 'Let it Go.' However it doesn't end there: self worth turns to powerful, invigorating feelings in songs including 'Today's the Day' and 'Unwritten.'


Listen to the playlist in preparation or even as you read 'Because Someone Forgot to Love You!' Share the playlist on social media!

Available on Spotify now.

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